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Yet like most startup founders, Kay and Tessler saw a problem in a market they knew well, one that wasn’t caused by a lack of technology, but by too much.

The problem was cost-effective dating and the market was love.

The service started back in 2011 and has connected over a half a million people. After all, you're probably more likely to find true love among a targeted group of potential mates that share a similar background, upbringing and belief structure.

Crush Mobile is behind the largest Latino dating app, Mi Crush, as well as j Crush, aimed at Jewish people and Urban Crush, aimed at African Americans.

We've been told they're also working on an app for professional networking that should launch in the not-too-distant future. Basically, they try to make it so their service encourages users to spend less time online and more time actually meeting a date in person. ' with a date idea, and are then connected to other users who like the idea.

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Mason Gordon has heard a lot of pitches for new sports over the years… This is about spending years and possibly decades banging your head against a brick wall and getting up the next day and coming back after it with the same amount fervor.

They host singles events daily, or you can set up your own.

If you’re feeling spunky, you can fire up the app and find an event near you.

There's also a reverse campaign, hoping to send San Francisco men out to New York to meet all those single ladies.

So far, it seems that women are more interested in flying to San Francisco than vice versa.

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