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The Touch Diamond2 utilizes a 3.2" wide resistive touchscreen, with a resistive zoom bar below the screen to replace the larger capacitive area and navigational pad found on the HTC Diamond and Touch Pro.This device, although thicker than its predecessor (13.7 millimetres (0.54 in) thick), now features a significantly larger screen with a better resolution (WVGA rather than VGA).This interface makes it easier for users to accomplish common tasks using their fingers rather than a stylus.Touch FLO 3D consists of tabs, and the user switches between tabs by sliding his or her finger along the row of tabs at the bottom of the screen.HTC has officially released a Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade for the HTC Ty TN II, as listed in the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 press release on 1st April 2008.[ref05] But the upgrade doesn’t consist only of the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade, but should also address some video- and other performance problems.However, the buttons beneath the screen, as well as being pressable buttons, have capacitive touch sensitivity.This feature is used by the camera application to auto-focus the camera as a finger approaches to press the button that will take a picture.

The device also includes expandable memory, meaning users are able to insert their own micro SD cards, rather than relying on internal storage only, as with the original Diamond.The micro SD card will need to be formatted in FAT32.Plug the micro SD card into the computer and right click on it and choose format.Some people find that the Touch Diamond's battery life is too short.Consequently, batteries offering double the capacity of the included battery are being sold by third parties and HTC itself sells an extended battery with 50% extra capacity.

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