Rabbi pruzansky dating

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Why would anyone try to cure what does not need to be cured or attempt to abandon what the court ruled is a normal, healthy expression of sexuality? The dark secret is that many mental health professionals continue to maintain that homosexuality can result from some disorder but they are petrified to say it publicly or to put it in writing.Once the psychiatric establishment amended the DSM over forty years ago to declassify homosexuality as a mental disorder – a decision based not on science but on politics and pressure – the expression of any dissenting views has been chilled.Under the deceptive mantra of ‘sharing the burden’ the government is responsible for a wave of unprecedented incitement against chareidim, thereby splitting the nation.It is no secret that the objective of conscripting Torah scholars is a thinly disguised attempt at social engineering.

“Certainly, one [assault] is too many, but few of these claims involve the old-fashioned and execrable assault by a stranger in some dark alley,” he wrote.

One of the most outspoken and prominent rabbis in the country has said a woman’s problems of rape and sexual assault would be solved if she were married.

Steven Pruzanksy, of the large Orthodox synagogue Bnai Yeshurun in New Jersey, said in his blog that marriage will “solve all these problems, the “rape culture,” the “he said/she said,” the feelings of rejection by the party who had an emotional connection with another person who just sought a physical connection.” Mr Pruzanky said a wedding is a contractual obligation “grounded in mutual respect”. , said: “This presumption that sex within marriage is always consensual is not only wrong, it is dangerous.” Now the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance is calling for the removal of the Teaneck rabbi from a synagogue conference in June.

Mr Pruzansky continued: “There is a problem of “culture” on college campuses, but it is the culture of promiscuity and entitlement that poses the greatest dangers.“ A woman called Madi Barney at the Christian Brigham Young University in Utah reported her rape to staff and was reportedly emailed back a month later over whether she had “violated” the university’s “honor code” which tells students to avoid sex.

A petition to scrap that code and help victims, not investigate them, has reached thousands of signatures.

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