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*********************** THIS SHIT SAVED MY LOVE LIFE There’s lots of dating advice out there. But, let’s face it, some of us are sensitive dudes. You need to eat cat feces to increase your exposure to Toxoplasma gondii. See, there’s mind control like Frank Sinatra zonked by a playing card and realizing it’s time to blow somebody’s brains out, and then there’s mind control like toxo. Later I found out that some people believe that wearing shoes all the time makes them build up an appreciable electric charge. Interspersed with articles like a dude recounting the time he tackled his brown-skinned buddy on New Year’s because the buddy was counting down in a foreign language and so dude thought he was a terrorist (hilarious, bro! On Viper PRO, I was so vasculated I thought I’d EXPLODE! Instead I realized that I should incorporate her research into my own work. Act like the abusive ex-boyfriend you’d someday like to be. But, let me ask you: do you wanna get laid, or not? Ingest enough of this parasite to get cysts throughout your brain and you’ll be a handsome, aggressive, risk-taking sex machine. (Note: to date, intellectual enhancement has been observed only in females infected with Toxoplasma gondii. Toxo invariably makes males into slower, dumber studmuffins. What good is your brain if you’re sitting up alone at night, staring at a computer screen, not getting laid? ************* Doling out terrible medical advice isn’t necessarily funny… But my thinking is, the world’s full of medical advice a good deal more harmful than this. At the playground one day, a mother nodded approvingly at my daughter’s bare feet and told me, “It’s good you’re letting her get rid of some of those excess electrons.” I was puzzled.Of course, it is just as important to be able to communicate this to each other so that you can meet each other's needs for love.I've taken this a step further - you might even feel that you fit into more than one category or you are a little bit of each one, but there will be ONE of the 5 Love Languages that you cannot live without when you are with someone.

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For a relationship in modern day dating to endure, it is essential to look through the exterior straight to a man’s character, which is what really counts in the long run.Plus, you can tell from her response and body language if she is going to be receptive right away or is just looking for some clown to entertain and retire doing something she loved what would it be?Hopefully you have some interesting hobbies that you can share with her, and even better if you make a living doing what you love. How did she feel after and when was the last time she stole something?that require her to form her own opinion, explore her fantasies, recall a fantastic experience, describe an emotional event, and paint pictures with her mind—anything that engages with her on a deep level and makes her really By far, my favorite ‘opening’ line is to ask “How are you tonight?” It immediately engages with the girl and puts the emphasis on her thoughts.

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